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Honey Spirit Or Spice Box

  • Honey Spirit Or Spice Box
  • Honey Spirit Or Spice Box
  • Honey Spirit Or Spice Box
  • Honey Spirit Or Spice Box

Beekeepers, honey-lovers, nature and folk art lovers--here is a little enchanted box for you!

The Honey Spirit or Spice Box features an old-style beehive (skep) atop a scalloped edged box. The scallops are meant to mimic flower petals, and are soft blue. The box itself is painted with tulips and other flowers in various colors, with orange stars over all of them.

HEIGHT: 2.25"

HEIGHT: 2.5"

The box is TOTALLY hand-sculpted and hand painted without the use of any aids. In the style of old European ceramics, I mold these boxes, air dry, kiln fire, underglaze paint (for color), fire it again, and then glaze and fire a third time. The process can take up to ten days.

**The handmade nature of these ceramics is such that it creates a "wonky" style; the colors may vary slightly in places, the tops and bottoms of boxes are not "seamless" as with mass produced ceramics, the edges may not look uniform, and so on. Hopefully this creates a whimsical look BUT PLEASE LOOK OVER ALL PICTURES for full details, and do not hesitate to email me with questions or for more photos:

~~I try to edit my photos to show the closest colors I see on my monitor, but colors will vary with different monitors.

***PLEASE NOTE THAT "SHIPPING" Costs include shipping AND handling***

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