VINTAGE Halloween Characters Set

  • VINTAGE Halloween Characters Set
  • VINTAGE Halloween Characters Set
  • VINTAGE Halloween Characters Set
  • VINTAGE Halloween Characters Set
  • VINTAGE Halloween Characters Set

Here is a unique vintage offering, perfect for HALLOWEEN!

This is one of the FIRST vintage items I have ever purchased, circa 1995.
My understanding from the seller was that the items were owned by a relative in the early 70's.

**Please take time TO READ the entire description, as these guys have A LOT of personality!**
This Halloween set seems to be made of some sort of plaster or chalkware (definitely NOT wood), and designed to look like the early Halloween characters as seen in the 20's and 30's.
Included in this purchase are:

1) One large standing kitty, dark grey in color.
~He has wire whiskers, a felt vest, checkered shirt, grey striped pants, and green bowtie.
~The brown vest appears to be made of a felt material, while the others "clothes" appear to be made of softer fabrics like cotton.
~ The front of the vest has black buttons that have been fashioned to look like small cat faces, with some sort of curled raffia bow whiskers.
~Kitty carries a jack-o-lantern made of the same material as the cat, which is hung from black string that goes over one of the cat's arms
~He is attached to a wood mount that is circular shaped, painted a pumpkin color, which says "Trick or Treat." The podium has a few cracks around it that expose the chalkware/plaster insides, but is otherwise structurally sound.
~~See pictures of podium damage in picture #4

2) One sitting pumpkin-headed character with a hat it holds upside down, that has a pumpkin inside of it.
~Pumpkin-head has a dress or smock that is pin-striped with checkered arms, a colorful orange and black panel in the front, with buttons sewn vertically.
~The sleeves of smock are tied down with black thread, and the smock is worn over white bloomers.
~There is a black ruffle at the neck of the smock.
~Their purple legs have painted on shoes.
~Interestingly, there is a cloth over wire "tail" that sticks out from the back of this figure, and is attached to the side of the outfit, as if the tail curls around to the side.
~ This figure is made in a permanently SITTING position and cannot be maneuvered out of this position.
CHARACTER HEIGHT (or length) in sitting position: 16.5"

3) One black cat in a paper mache jack-o-lantern candy carrier.
~The cat's whiskers appear to be made of thread.
~He wears a black/white/grey checkered shirt and pants combo
~He wears a sort of burlap orange jack-o-lantern jumper over the checkered combo.
~Kitty carries and orange tambourine, but the tambourine has a scratch or some black paint that appears to be a scratch on the front of it.
~The jack-o-lantern candy carrier is REAL paper mache.
I would not say it is functional: it has a sort of scratch along the front of the face, under the right "eye," and both sides of the container have been torn at some point before i received it (though I was fully aware of it upon purchase). I am sure it could be repaired but did NOT want to touch it and keep it as is for display.
~~See pictures of the damage to container, and tambourine in picture #5
Candy Container HEIGHT: 5"

**One pumpkin person in a paper mache black cat candy carrier
~Pumpkin person has legs and feet of raffia ribbon
~ The shirt is made of a sort of peach colored burlap-ish fabric.
~The pants are a navy color fabric.
~Pumpkin person wears a green-checkered apron with felt "crows" at the bottom. The apron has a wire sewn into the bottom and light cream small buttons glued where the neck strings of the aprons attach to the body of the apron.
~Pumpkin person carries two cobs of corn that are attached by a string to his left arm (see that, along with crow-apron, in picture #3)
~The black cat paper mache candy container appears to good condition, with some wear around edges.
Candy Container HEIGHT: 5"

I cannot find a maker's mark of tag to any of these pieces. I have tried my best to describe and show photos of the condition of the piece.
If you need any extra photos, or if you have further questions, PLEASE EMAIL ME