WINTER FOX Fingerless Gloves

  • WINTER FOX Fingerless Gloves

Bring the spirit of winter to your wardrobe with these soft Winter Fox-gloves.

These fingerless gloves are created by Zan's European Li'l Mama, utilizing the knitting and embroidery techniques of the old world, with the charm of fairytales!

These gloves are hand-knit AND hand embroidered with a picture based on Zan's original drawings. The winter red fox wears a turquoise coat with real, pink heart buttons, turquoise boots, and a long hot pink colored scarf!

The gloves are embroidered with beads for the foxes eyes. The background color of the gloves is a baby blue color.

THESE GLOVES are wrist-length, and are made of a combo of wool and acrylic yarns, and are meant to fit average to slightly larger hands.
But if you feel your hands may be outside out these perimeters, please don't hesitate to email us to ask!

Your gloves will be well-packaged and come with care instructions.